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5,000% increase in Revenue and 2,500% in ARPDAU with Dive’s Segmentation tool

Game Type: Skill-based, Real money mobile game

Active since: January 2022 Main features used: Dive Segmentation tool

This skilled-based, real money mobile game came to Dive in need of a BI solution. With time, it became clear that they are seeing huge value in Dive’s proprietary feature: Segmentation.

Dive’s segmentation tool allows managers to quickly pull specific segments of the population from their data via a user-friendly interface. These segments can then be used for targeted LiveOps campaigns to increase business KPIs.

Without Dive’s tool, managers would have to go through their data department to run queries to get the segment they want. This can take a long time and the segments they get might not be large enough for a successful promotion, so additional segment targeting would be needed, resulting in a slower process, fewer segments used, and a less optimized game experience.

The game currently has more than 780 active segments.


Overall Revenue trend increase of 5,000%

ARPDAU increased by 2,500%

Retention D14 increased by 100%



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