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2,000% Revenue & 150% ARPDAU increase with Ingest tool and Marketing visualization

Game Type: PvP skilled-based mobile game

Active since: December 2021

Main features used: Visualization, Ingest

This studio developed a mobile game that incorporates skills and competitions between players. They came to Dive as a small studio in need of a full BI solution and with time, discovered great value in Dive’s ability to ingest data from any marketing channel, visualize it and run complex analysis on LTV and ROAS.

The studio is currently ingesting data from 10 data sources including Social ads channels, App Store ads channels, Marketing networks, and Marketing attribution services.

The game saw a sharp increase in business KPIs:

✅ Revenue 2,000% increase

✅ ARPDAU 150% increase

✅ DAU trend increasing

✅ Retention remains stable

LTV curve breakdown


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