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Data Experts: your outsourced data team

With Dive’s built in consultancy and dedicated expert team, you will always have access to a knowledgeable helping hand through a dedicated slack/discord channel, that can guide you & advise you through the complexities of data analytics: our unique constant support and hands-on approach is valued by 100% of our clients.

Dive is the only data analytics company that assigns a data expert to each client through our thorough onboarding approach, fostering collaboration, communication flow and constant platform improvement.

Working Together

Our iterative

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  1. It starts with business questions, to build our understanding of your data needs

  2. Then, we’ll take all the details, and develop your custom, tailored data modeling with you.

  3. Next, we’ll collect, centralise and validate your data, to the highest security standards.

  4. Our data experts will help you extract insights from the data warehouse to maximise potential LTV.

  5. Our iteration process never stops, since games evolve over time, and we are constantly adapting to your changing needs.

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