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25% Uplift in ARPDAU with Segmentation and LiveOps tools

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Game Type: Social Casino, mobile and online

Active since: May-2020

Main features used: Segmentation, Dive LiveOps, Visualization, A/B test

This studio has a large social casino game and using the Dive LiveOps tool to monetize. This tool allows managers to create highly targeted, calendar-based promotions for players and send off communication through email, push, in-app inbox messages, and more.

The game runs 60 LiveOps events weekly on average with more than 600 active targeted segments. When LiveOps events were disabled for a week, the game saw a sharp 30% decline in revenue, showing that LiveOps is a significant growth driver. The studio tested different message wording and gift/reward/purchase amounts using Dive’s A/B test tool to reach an optimized experience.

Dive also developed Journeys for this client. This feature includes a set of chained events treatment per segment. The game implemented five journey segments including a “likely to churn” segment - this was an algorithm developed by Dive which looks for patterns in players' behavior and starts sending communications when a pattern is broken.


✅ 25% increase in ARPDAU

✅ 10% increase in conversions and 7% in retention with Journeys

✅ 30% Decrease in overall revenue when LiveOps events were off


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