Solving Game Studios’ Data Problems with Custom Analytics


Game studios and publishers can now gain deep, actionable and revenue-driven insights into player behavior and game economy.


Our mission is to bring a top-grossing game studio approach to other great titles.

Find out why studios trust Dive for their game data intelligence


Until now, growing studios had no good
option for custom analytics.

Dive was founded to solve game studios’ big data problems. See how we are different:

Other Game Analytics Platforms

Built from the ground up for games


Designed by 20-year game veterans with experience scaling games.


“Cookie-cutter” approach designed to accommodate multiple industries like travel or ecommerce

Priced by Volume of Data


We don’t bill by data volume. Our platform encourages studios to throw all the data they need into the problem of good decisions


Traditional analytics  platforms are priced on volume – and priced out of reach

Data Ownership and Privacy


Data is hosted and owned by the client.


Data at risk hosted on 3rd party platforms

Custom Insights & Rich Dashboards


We help studios to create custom and rich dashboards that can adapt to any type of metrics, from basic KPIs to advanced game economy and balancing


Generic dashboards that show standard KPIs

Data Centralization


Creating a single source of truth to support the entire organization


Fragmented data in different dashboards spread across different platforms

Real time data validation


Ensuring top data quality at all times


Data is not validated.


Custom connectors for importing and exporting data from different platforms, including homegrown ones

Custom data connectors


Generic, off-the-shelf, connectors to import data from 3rd parties based on partnerships


Expert data team, with strong focus on services and support, helping throughout the game’s data lifecycle.

Professional Services


Off-the-shelf dashboards with little to no support of professional services.

Bad Data is Bad for Business

Many studios, especially when young, struggle to understand their data deviations. They’re the lucky ones. Other studios don’t know their data is inaccurate until too late.


Bad data isn’t willful. It exists because something formed it, something else failed to validate it, and something else broadcast it.


Dive helps studios avoid systemic problems raised by poor quality data. Clients get very high confidence in the integrity of the data they use to make important business decisions.

We carefully ingest, validate, and surface game data intelligence for reliable growth expectations.

We’ve learned a thing or two in the 20 years we’ve been in the game industry.


Game studios will starve in the absence of good game data – and a lot of it.

A single player can generate hundreds of events per session. Translating insight from the actions of hundreds of players is a challenge few game studios can accomplish on their own – nor should they.

Game developers are not data engineers.


Data engineering - not to be confused with data analytics or data science - is one of the most important aspects of the business. It is also the one thing a studio should not do for itself, at least not until it’s big enough to hire its own dedicated team.


Data analysts are not data engineers.


Data science is the process of putting data to work; it uses models to identify business opportunities and to act on it. Data science is a decision-making solution that depends on the integrity, the truthfulness, of data.


Data engineering assumes responsibility for truthfulness

This is done via a discrete process to collect, validate, and publish quality data. The quality – and quantity – of available data is as important as its analysis; the value of each is directly dependent on the value of the other.


How to get hold of your custom analytics

What you can expect when you contact us


We’ll schedule a time to discuss what questions need to be answered and what is known about the game environment, such as volume, platform, and player data.



We then develop an affordable, custom plan tailored to your needs.


We will work with you to design a robust and scalable framework for collecting and centralizing the data in your  infrastructure, to comply with the  highest privacy standard.



Our experts will help you frame questions inside your game to produce truly meaningful insights of your game and players’ behavior


Dive also designs and maintains intelligent game dashboards, a custom set of analytical visualizations pushed to clients’ own BI tools such as PowerBI or Tableau.

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