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Maximize your LTV with Top-Rated Analytics

Save time and money while you scale your game with our customized data platform.


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Clients That Love Our Brand

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Cross-Platform Analytics Tailored to Your Data

Harness the power of a fully customized dashboard that’s tailored to your unique game events, and specific business needs. Running on all platforms, including Roblox, Minecraft, Web3, and mobile as well as all games Genres.


Get Support From Your Virtual Team of BI Data Experts

From weekly meetings to a dedicated Slack and Discord channel, you’ll always have access to collaborate and get support from our experts.

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Increase Sales with Live Ops & Segmented Events

Easily schedule in-game events to boost your revenue. Segment players by any data point you’d like, to trigger promotions and challenges.

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Get More Than Just Data with Dive

Experience a fully customized all-inclusive platform packed with analytics and features.

Dive Platform

Customized Dashboards

Tailored dashboards to show your unique game events data.

Cross Platforms Analytics

Running on Mobile, Web, Web 3, Roblox and Minecraft.

All in One Data Warehouse

Get all your Game and marketing analytics data in one place.

Live Ops Tool

Events Scheduling

Easily schedule in-game events and promotions to increase sales.


Slice your audience and tailor offers and different game features.


A/B testing is easy. Iterate faster and keep building a better game.

Data Experts

Your Extended BI team

We are a full-on data team ready to help you monetize and more.

Data Engineer Support

Your game’s data collection, normalization, and monitoring is taken care of.

Support Available

From Slack channels to weekly meetings - we are always there to support you

Save thousands of dollars with our outsourced BI solution

Book your demo to see how Dive can be customized for the data you need.

Designed by Industry Veterans with a Passion for Data

We help game studios around the world understand their data and monetize with a powerful BI and Live Ops solution.


Everyone at Dive is an industry veteran who operated games in big companies. Now, we are on a mission to take our knowledge and bring enterprise-grade analytics to any studio.

Monthly Active Users & Counting

A Platform Our Customers Love

Dive has been essential in enabling us to track events in our proprietary 3D engine, our marketing funnel, and our users’ journeys through our platform.  In addition to the technology, the Dive team is literally an extension of our business intelligence team, enabling us to operate as if we have a large team of analysts finding insights that you wouldn’t expect in a start-up, but require if you want to grow..


Sean Kauppinen

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

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